Dairy-free Breakfast Faves

Alrighty, so a little back story. Before I had J, I was vegetarian for about 6 years. No meat, which means I HEAVILY relied on dairy for protein. I was doing alright (didn't have the most energy in the world, but enough to get by lol). Then baby J came along and he did NOT… Continue reading Dairy-free Breakfast Faves


3-6 Month Favorites

J is no longer in the 3-6 month phase! I almost have a 7 month old and time is going by so quickly! This phase is such a fun time. J was so much more active and alert. I'm in love with all his giggles, babbles, and I absolutely LOVE watching him learn about the… Continue reading 3-6 Month Favorites

My Breastfeeding Journey´╗┐

Breastfeeding is beautiful. Its pretty freaking cool how your body just nurtures and sustains life. It's pure and natural. However it definitely doesn't come naturally and, at first, it *might* drive you completely insane­čśů. This is my breastfeeding journey... Okay, so, when I was pregnant I would come across all these breastfeeding support articles online,… Continue reading My Breastfeeding Journey´╗┐