10 Month Update 

Many of you know that we recently moved back to San Diego! It’s been a little chaotic lately, moving with a baby is no joke 😂. But we’re still standing lol.

10 months has been just as wild as the last couple months. J is moving around like crazy! He can officially crawl and pull himself up on things 🙈. He tries to stand any chance that he gets! It’s been making me crazy nervous though because we had a little incident 🤭.

The first time Jameson pulled himself up was in his crib. He grabbed the bars and just as fast as he pulled himself up he went flying back and hit his head on the back side of the crib 😭.
Everything turned out okay and Im sure I over reacted but if I wasn’t already enough of a hover mom, I definitely am now 🤓.

Other than my mini freak out over his fall, I think things have been okay. Moving sucks, but we are pretty much unpacked and ready for the Holidays 🤗.

Here’s where we’re at as of 10 months…





Number of Teeth

5 and another couple still coming in. I cant believe how back to back these teeth are coming in! Will we ever get a break? 😅


Still struggling! We think it may be a texture thing? Lol. We are trying to let him explore and get used to it on his own. So hopefully this works! He has to eat at some point…right? 🙈


Nope. Still none of that around here lol. We tried giving him Motrin at night for his teeth but lately I feel on the nights that I do give him Motrin, he’s up ALL night. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Anywho, I’m feeling suuuper bittersweet as we start closing out the year. 10 MONTHS IS ALMOST A YEAR YOU GUYS😭. Im not ready to have a toddler quite yet. Definitely going to be soaking up these baby cuddles as much as possible! Here we are at 10 months 🌻

36 thoughts on “10 Month Update 

  1. He is Adorable! Don’t worry momma, he will still remind you of baby days even after 12 months. Two was the full transition into toddlerhood with my daughter, much more spunk, talking and doing so many things! Congrats on your move and we always have used Tylenol for teething and never seemed to keep her up.

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  2. Such a cutie! It’s so true that being a first time mom every little bump and bruise and sickness freaks you out. You will learn that kids are more resilient, but will still probably freak out. Us moms can’t help it! 🙈😆

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  3. He is adorable! Love your blog. We have a newly one year old 😳. He is still a sweet little cuddler. He was a bit late on teething so we only have two and a half teeth. We do the little mesh feeder with frozen fruits and that seems to soothe his little gums.

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  4. OMG! He is SO darn cute!!! I have a hard time with my littles growing up. But they stay cuddly so don’t worry about that. And they get more and more fun.

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      1. I know how you feel. I love, love babies and if I could I’d have or adopt hundreds. I get stressed seeing them grow and thinking that one day there won’t be a dinosaur or toy truck in my shower or cartoons to be watched. I love these years. However, I was thinking the other night how the boys have gotten to be SO, SO fun and entertaining and the baby years are sort of boring with the first…and tiring. As they get older they get busy and you will find it easier. My eldest is 5 and I’m really enjoying it all so take heart. xoxo

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      2. That’s so true! Sometimes I look at other moms with toddlers/older kids and they are always out doing something fun and I’m like “I cant wait to do that with Jameson” lol. Glad you are enjoying mama life! I’m excited for all that awaits ❤️

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      3. Yes, you are going to have so much fun with Jameson, especially when he starts talking, telling his little stories, using his imagination in play. You have many, many good kiddie years ahead.

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