Life Updates and New Years Resolutions 

I’ve been MIA lately due to the move, the flu, and the holidays 🙈. We’ve actually had A TON going on this past month and it’s been super difficult to keep up! But as we close out the year I’ve managed to find a little time here and there (between naps lol) to get a little caught up. 

So basically, the near the end of November/ start of December WE MOVED!! Yep, literally a last minute decision and yep, back to San Diego. We moved for more than a couple reasons.

1. We wanted to be close to family 

2. We wanted to pay down some credit card/car payment dept because, 

3. WE WANT TO BUY A HOUSE, so we want to put away some money while we are here and have more stability/help with the baby.

So we moved, then *right* when we were pretty much settled in, Jameson and I came down with the flu. Now I’m a first time mom, and I dont know if you’ve ever witnessed how a first time mom handles the flu (not only herself, but her 10 month old as well) but it goes a little something like this:

Wake up and intently watch child breathe while sleeping -just to make sure

Google alllll the things associated with the flu and babies 

Freak self out and take baby to the ER 

Come home and worry about the medicine the dr prescribed. 

Get yelled at by baby daddy and mother for not giving child medicine 

Give child medicine 

Worry about all the complications associated by said medicine 



If it sounds like I’m a little psychotic, I most definitely am 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

On the plus side we all turned out fine, and the flu has both come and most importantly, gone! 

So all joking aside it really is a scary thing, as a parent, to watch your child go through such a tough time and not being able to fix it. We got through it however with a good support system, lots of baby cuddles and tea.
Finally, Christmas came and went in a blink of an eye. We managed to do ALL our Christmas shopping the weekend before Christmas, at the mall, with a baby. And yes, we all survived. We didn’t do all the festive things that I wanted to do for Jameson’s first Christmas because we were both sick, but that’s okay. He probably wouldn’t remember anyway, right? We’ll just have to do it next year when he actually knows what Christmas is 😉.

As for New Years? Our plan is to visit with family and then soak in all that this past year has brought us. Our most precious gift of all was of course, our happy, healthy baby boy. Even with all the crazy moments, I wouldn’t want to change a thing. It’s been by far the toughest year of my life but in so many ways it’s been nothing short of amazing. So here’s to no New Years Resolutions because who has time to think of any, much less follow through with them? Definitely not this mama 🍷.

35 thoughts on “Life Updates and New Years Resolutions 

  1. Oh my! I can SO relate to this. My little girl was just three weeks when she got really sick, and trust me watching her breath was the only thing on my to do list!!!
    Glad to hear you are all doing better!!!

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  2. I can relate to being sick on Christmas. We all (me and the 3 kids) all started getting sick over Christmas weekend and the baby and I are still sick. We made some nice memories still. We had to cancel a lot of plans. So much pressure around Christmas. Hope you all stay well.

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  3. I’m sharing your site with my daughter – she will enjoy (and relate), as a first time mommy herself. It’s great that you moved back near ‘support’ – wishing you all the best with that. What a great site – you’ve got another new fan.

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  4. I can so relate to this, i always think of all the things that could happen to my daughter and my husband always tell me to stop being so overprotective😅

    Could you share some of your tips on the move with a baby? We are planning on moving this year and will definitely like all the tips and trick needed😍

    Happy new year to you and your beautiful family❤️

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    1. Omg too funny! And yes of course! It’s definitely not easy but if you stick with your normal routine as much as possible while packing it’s a bit easier. I packed around his schedule basically and the baby wrap is a life saver!!! I also packed a bag for us to live out of like we were on vacation or something so that I could pack away everything else and not worry about digging through boxes to get clothes, shoes, diapers, etc. I’m very high energy and so I was always pushing myself to finish packing early but I wish I would have started packing a little earlier and slowed my roll making everything just a *little* calmer in the end lol. It will all get done. Don’t stress❤️

      Congrats on your new adventure and happy New Year love 😘❤️

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  5. I TOTALLY get the sickness thing! My 5 week old had the rhinovirus (pretty much the most minor thing he can get) and I was a wreck! Suctioning his nose and taking his temp every 5 seconds 😂 I’m sure your glad to be past the flu!

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  6. Hey momma! Can’t help but wonder if you liked my recent blog post because you were searching FPIES…. after your last blog post I just read???? I hope it was just the flu but feel free to message me if you’re questioning otherwise! 👍🏻

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