A Turning Point

Okay loves, so if you have been keeping up with me lately on social media, you know I’ve been taking the time to invest in and better myself (I’m basically a hippie now 🤷‍♀️😂). I’m doing this for a couple reasons…

1. Myself: I want to feel better about every aspect of my life. Before I had Jameson, I was all about fueling my spirit in any way that I could. And although I feel like I never really “lost myself” in that way, I feel like I kind of got stuck in the rut of day-to-day mom life. So I’m just getting back on track for my own well-being.

2. Family: After I had a baby, my mindset COMPLETELY changed. Everything I do is for my baby boy and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Children learn by example and if I want J to adopt any healthy traits from me, I must first adopt them myself.

So I plan on doing more self-care posts and sharing my journey with you guys in hopes to inspire/motivate you to be everything you want to be. Because, sometimes, life can feel kind of dull (I’ve been there more than a couple times). And I want to share just how vibrant this life can be. So whether you care or not, here’s to trying to better ourselves and the world around us ✨🍷

44 thoughts on “A Turning Point

  1. I’m learning this, as well! Now that my girl is a year old and I spent all last year taking care of her and getting into this whole Motherhood groove, I feel more comfortable now and made it a point to make self-care one of my resolutions. You’re doing great, Mama!

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  2. Rooting for you! I’m struggling to do this myself actually :-p It’s a journey like you said and there’s bound to be ups and downs along the road.

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  3. That sounds exciting ! Looking forward to that. Babies do change our lives completely but sometimes we definitely need to think about ourselves as well and remember what we used to enjoy doing (when we had sooo much time for ourselves…)

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  4. Yay for self-care! Good for you for realizing that early in motherhood. My husband tried to get me to take care of myself and stop martyring myself, but it didn’t work – and it wasn’t great for our marriage. Things are much, much better now, and I’m thankful I realized how important it was when I did. – K

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    1. Omg it’s so true! I used to hate when my boyfriend would tell me what to do lol. It wasn’t until I had time to reflect on it myself that I decided it was time to get back on track! I’m glad you are doing better! Life is sooo much easier when you take care of yourself every once in a while❤️

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  5. I can completely, wholeheartedly relate to this post! I found myself in the same situation and have now started a blog as a new hobby for me to do besides take care of my son haha. I will definitely be following you and your journey! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  6. I firmly believe that we cannot take care of anyone else if we have not first taken care of ourselves. I have believed that for a long time….and now I am finally taking steps to put that belief into action.
    And because I also believe that women/moms need to support other women/moms, you rock on with your bad self and take care of you! Good luck to you on the journey!

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