Cutting out Plastic

Okay so recently I’ve been inspired to do a TON of research on what we put in our bodies. Anything from what we eat to what we put on our skin etc. And you guys… we seriously put soooo much toxic components into our bodies on the daily, it’s not even funny 😅🙈.

And there are things that I never would have thought about to be potentially harmful. Like plastic.

Basically I read that there are higher grade plastics that cause less of a threat however, most products on the shelves are made with the cheapest, more dangerous plastic. Which, as a mom, scares the hell out of me (especially when I think of all the plastic baby bottles/toys that I have given to J).

Okay so I know it’s going to be tough (not to mention time consuming) to rid myself of all plastic completely, right off that bat. So I’m going to start pretty slow and share some plastic alternatives as I find them😇

One of the best plastic alternatives for water bottles, baby bottles, and sippy cups I’ve found so far are Pura stainless steel bottles.

They are 100% plastic-free and nontoxic certified! I love stainless steel compared to glass for sippy cups and baby bottles because of how much more durable they are. Especially now that Jameson is moving around much more than before! They also have a little bumper that goes around the bottom so when they throw them around (like J does a million times a day) they won’t get dented.

We absolutely LOVE these you guys so I’m going to try and host a giveaway on Instagram because I’m honestly obsessed with these bottles🙌

If any of you guys have any other plastic alternatives that you love feel free to share. Thanks loves❤️

23 thoughts on “Cutting out Plastic

  1. I have tried this and switched to BPA free products when it came to cooking. I also switched from heating things so much in the microwave (especially plastic tuppaware) until I was just like mehh don’t need it at all! Those cups are awesome! They keep things warm also right? I love them for when we travel.

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  2. I’m in love with that stainless steel baby bottle! How amazing is that, I’ve never seen one! My family and I really try to do the same thing, our reason is more environmental I cannot stand plastic water bottles and the waste it creates in our world! Cutting out toxins is a huge thing and it is surprisingly hard, since “they” sneak them in anything and everything it seems! Great post, I hope cutting all the toxic things really makes a difference, I’m sure it will!

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  3. Love your post. I am also taking baby steps to reduce the use of plastic. I am soon going to replace my lil girl sippy cup with stainless steel bottle.

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