Why I Decided to go Cloth/Mama Koala Review

So, if you have been following along on Instagram recently, you guys know that I made the decision to cloth diaper Jameson (after a year of using disposables). It was completely out of nowhere and the transistion was surprisingly smooth. I had not an idea what to do when it came to cloth diapering but I knew it was the route I wanted to take for the remainder of Jameson’s diapering journey.

So it all started when I came across an article explaining common chemicals found in disposables. I hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever. I just assumed they are safe because they are made for babies. WRONG. (Well, actually, some brands weren’t that bad but they were also super expensive) You guys, look up what’s in your diapers. It’s not fun stuff.

Anywho, we then decided to jump into the cloth diapering world. And you guys, it’s really not that much more work! I actually like it better than using disposables. No diaper pail for one😂. I basically change Jameson like normal and put the dirty cloth diapers in a presoak and wash them at the end of the day. Super easy!img_9017-1We are currently using are Mama Koala cloth diapers. They are super absorbent and lightweight (I used to worry that cloth diapers were super bulky and heavy so this was major plus for me). They have super soft inserts and their waterproof covers are super easy to use/snap! They are super affordable and have super cute prints as well!

We got their ‘Outdoor Journey’ collection because if you guys don’t know by now I’m obsessed with anything green/outdoorsy! It came with 6 diaper covers and 6 inserts. You guys can use code “MJAMESON” for 10% off your order until August 21st, you’re welcome😘

So obviously we are cloth diapering beginners over here and don’t know everything there is to know yet but so far it’s been pretty good! No more diaper pail to deal with and take out, he hasn’t had any blowouts or leaks, and they just seem SO much more comfortable than disposables. Not to mention how much better they are for the environment. It was a total no brainier for us to switch over once I really read into it!

So needless to say, all my future babies will be cloth diapered. Yes, I said ‘babies’ because I’m pretty sure I want like 2 or 3 more. Anyone else?! Lol.

As I learn more and more I will of course share my experiences with you. Feel free to comment your guys’ experience with cloth diapering, I’d love to hear from you and any tips/tricks you may have!

22 thoughts on “Why I Decided to go Cloth/Mama Koala Review

    1. Right now we are using thieves! It works great however some people advise against using an oil based detergent due to buildup/moisture repellent (we haven’t had a problem) I also hear a lot of people loving Seventh Generation Detergent for cloth diapering! Thank you so much! ❤️

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  1. What is your wash routine? We have been living in a shared laundry situation so we only get to wash every 3 days.. but we are moving so I’m curious how you do the presoak and the rest of your routine because I want to wash them every night once we have the option to!

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    1. Hey Silver! Yeah so I make a spray bottle with a tiny bit of detergent and spray the diapers clean-ish lol into the toilet then I place them to soak (water + a little detergent) in a bucket/sink. At the end of the day I wash them out by hand and then throw them in the wash! Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing laundry everyday I just wash them by hand at the end of the day and hang them to air dry before putting them in the dirty laundry basket and wash a few days later!

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  2. We are big into our cloth diapers too, we use flip diapers – I love them, they are so much cuter as well as better for the environment, my baby and my pocket! We just use regular free and gentle detergent and have been doing for the last eighteen months. I have also heard seventh generation isn’t the greatest at removing stains.

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  3. I cloth diapered baby #1 and now baby #2. Super easy. Not sure why people are afraid of it. And the diapers are SOOOO cute. I love the good old flats (tea-towel flat cloth you have to fold and pin) and pocket diapers the best.

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  4. You are so brave for this! I feel like I would have loved to this with Gabe but he is taking man poops now and I can’t take it! LOL This will probably make for a great transition into underwear when potty training!

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    1. That’s so exciting!! Just go for it! It’s so fun and actually has become a hobby for me (as odd as that may sound)! When I first started I just cloth diapered during the day and used disposables at night while I got used to it and then a couple weeks later started using them at night! Let me know how you like it so far! (:

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      1. We’re starting just on the weekends for now because of daycare (: when he’s older and potty training I think we’re gonna go full throttle! But so far so good!


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