Morning Routine

Okay, so I’m going to share something personal with you guys. For a while my mornings seemed pretty dull. And normally I’m a huge morning person so this really darkened my days for a bit. I couldn’t really pinpoint why I felt so ‘blah’ or why my anxiety started acting up. I started counting down the minutes until nap time, and then bed time. And although the days blurred together and time began feeling a little meaningless, I knew SOMETHING had to change. I want this time in my life to be meaningful and vibrant. Children don’t stay little forever and I didn’t want it to pass right by me.

I started noticing a little depression/anxiety soon after Jameson went from 2-3 naps a day to just 1. He is in a stage where he is extremely active and he’s pushing to see where boundaries lie. And it’s a beautiful thing, however it’s also extremely exhausting.

Before when he was napping a few times a day I was kept pretty busy, cherishing the time while he was awake. And when he would rest I did too, or I had time to meditate/read. However, when he made the switch to only one nap a day I found it difficult to keep him entertained all day long.

This is when I forced myself into a bit of a routine. And it’s been a game changer. Not only do I feel more sane, but it gives Jameson a little more structure and he seems a bit happier as well! We don’t ALWAYS stick to it either. Some days are still a struggle and some things don’t go as ‘planned’ but that’s okay. But for the most part, it has really brightened our days.

So this is what our mornings look like lately:

6:00 AM

We usually wake up around 6, open the curtains, fill the room with light! I feel so much better when there is natural light pouring in. Then I nurse and change Jameson, we go brush our teeth, and head to the kitchen to cook breakfast

7:00 AM

We eat breakfast together and I typically have the same thing he’s having. He tends to eat more of his food when I’m eating the same thing at the same time he is. So I’m sticking with it lol!

After breakfast, I’ll throw on some music, and watch Jameson play around the room while I get myself ready for the day. (I also gave up my daily coffee, which has been a tremendous help with my anxiety. I’ll do a post on how and why I did soon!)

8-11 AM

After we both get ready, I love to take Jameson outside before it gets too warm. Getting outside is good for both of us and I find if we skip going outdoors for a day we are both a little more fussy lol. So it’s definitely a must! We like to switch it up too, some days it’s the park, others it’s a stroll in the neighborhood or we hit little hiking trails.

When we get back Jameson is pretty much covered in sand or dirt so I give him a short bath. I try to keep this one short because we also do a longer bath as part of his bedtime routine. I also sneak in a quick workout while I’m watching him play in the water.

So after his bath I give him a snack, and we read for a while (until I start seeing signs of sleepiness) and then nap time is around 11:30/12!

His nap times vary right now as well. Some days he will nap 2-3 hours and then sometimes he will only nap for 45 mins. Nothing is for certain at this age but putting in a little structure helps boost my mood/sanity and also lets Jameson know what’s coming next throughout the day.

So this is our morning life, if you guys are interested in an afternoon/bedtime post let me know! Also let me know in the comments what your mornings rituals are! I’m always open to new ideas!

20 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. I wanted to know when you put him to bed? 6 am is pretty early! I felt the same as you do, when my daughter went from 2 naps to no nap, and its definitely made me moodier and dreading the long day. Adding a routine is so important for both parent and child.

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  2. I would love to read a full day routine. I am finding that I am counting down the time till nap time/ bed time too! My daughter is 18 months, and I just feel so saddened by the fact that I couldn’t wait to be a mum, and now I just feel like it’s so monotonous! I definitely think I need more routine in my life, because I have started to notice that I too, have felt quite down recently, and I couldn’t quite pin point it, so maybe it is this! Thanks for the great post!

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  3. I love the idea of doing outside time in the morning. I’m usually so groggy and tired in the morning that we just play on the floor with toys or colouring or and then my LO gets stir crazy and I don’t get pulled out of my grogginess. Moving our outside time to the morning might really help start our day off right… I’m going to try it.
    Also, I’d love to hear your afternoon routine, too!

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      1. I had morning outings too, after breakfast and then again after lunch, which was right before nap time. It helps the kids breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, since my 2013 diagnosis, chronic pain has put a stop to that as I can’t be on my feet for too long. But I agree! Outdoors is the very best for little ones! 😊🙌🏽

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  4. Great post! As a working mom when my oldest was born, I ‘trained’ her to stick to schedule for the person that was going to be watching her when I returned to work. Since then and now as stay at home mom, I’ve done the same with the rest of my babies – routine, routine, routine. I will allow them to stop afternoon naps maybe around 4 years old. And even then, when they get fussy, it tells me they’re tired. Moms need a break, even if it is just to put our feet up, also take a nap, shower or clean, a break from the constant baby duty is needed. I agree, for my own sanity! 😂🙏🏽

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  5. I thought I was the only one that counted down the time until bedtime. I don’t feel so bad anymore. And I’m definitely looking forward to the ‘how you ditched the daily coffee’ post. It’s been so hard for me. It’s 10:15pm where I am and I just had a cup because I treat it like how some people treat cigarettes. 😦

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    1. Definitely not the only one! I feel lots of mamas do this, parenting is overwhelming for sure! Finding little things to make the day go smoother has helped a ton. I’m really excited to do that post! It was a slow transition, but I feel I actually have more energy and my anxiety isn’t through the roof anymore either ❤️


  6. I have two now and feel the same way. My oldest doesn’t usually nap anymore, but the baby does, once a day. It makes for a weird period of time (when he isn’t in preschool twice a week) where I need to rest, but occupy him too. It’s definitely a balancing act. They do grow quickly, but give yourself some grace too mama. You’ve got this!

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    1. I want another one so badly but I’m super nervous that I won’t be able to handle it! I’m sure when the time comes it will be a natural adjustment but only time will tell lol! Thanks so much love, you as well❤️❤️❤️


      1. We just had our second, and you manage somehow! We have our first in preschool for half days right now, so I can get some more sleep in the mornings while the baby is still not sleeping through the night. Our 2 year old is at the place where she can occupy herself more now, so that helps. I wear the baby a lot and have my two year old help with making dinner and other things around the house. And having my husband help out with both girls is great, especially with the baby, so I can spend some quality time with my toddler. Having one is tough, but when you have 2 you figure out more life hacks to make life easier!


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