8 Month Update 

Hello 8 months🤗 I feel like we have had a rough couple of months. We still have zero teeth and J's gums have been SO swollen the last couple days (poor baby 😭). It looks like his top teeth might come in first. They look more swollen than the bottom ones, but everyone has been [...]

Stay at Home Mom Life

I wish I could tell you how easy the stay at home mom life is. Or how care-free and joyous every waking moment is...but that would be a stretch. A huge stretch. Okay, it's not even in sight lol. The truth is that it's extremely messy and chaotic. It's an exhausting job both physically and [...]

Diaper Bag Must Haves

So I definitely have 3 different diaper bags lol. And I love them all but I'm currently obsessed with backpack diaper bags. So much easier to be hands free when you have groceries, or the million pound car seat to carry around😅. I can seriously fit SO much in it. I'm constantly changing out the [...]

My Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding is beautiful. Its pretty freaking cool how your body just nurtures and sustains life. It's pure and natural. However it definitely doesn't come naturally and, at first, it *might* drive you completely insane😅. This is my breastfeeding journey... Okay, so, when I was pregnant I would come across all these breastfeeding support articles online, [...]