Morning Routine

Okay, so I’m going to share something personal with you guys. For a while my mornings seemed pretty dull. And normally I’m a huge morning person so this really darkened my days for a bit. I couldn’t really pinpoint why I felt so ‘blah’ or why my anxiety started acting up. I started counting down [...]

Cutting out Plastic

Okay so recently I’ve been inspired to do a TON of research on what we put in our bodies. Anything from what we eat to what we put on our skin etc. And you guys... we seriously put soooo much toxic components into our bodies on the daily, it’s not even funny 😅🙈. And there [...]

10 Month Update 

Many of you know that we recently moved back to San Diego! It’s been a little chaotic lately, moving with a baby is no joke 😂. But we’re still standing lol. 10 months has been just as wild as the last couple months. J is moving around like crazy! He can officially crawl and pull [...]

Dairy-free Lunch/Snack Ideas

Okay so a little while ago I made a Dairy-free Breakfast Ideas post and you guys seemed to  really love it so here’s a little dairy-free lunch/snack inspo! Also, on that last dairy-free post I included a little backstory on why I cut dairy out of my diet so if you are interested in learning why [...]

Diaper Bag Must Haves

So I definitely have 3 different diaper bags lol. And I love them all but I'm currently obsessed with backpack diaper bags. So much easier to be hands free when you have groceries, or the million pound car seat to carry around😅. I can seriously fit SO much in it. I'm constantly changing out the [...]

My Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding is beautiful. Its pretty freaking cool how your body just nurtures and sustains life. It's pure and natural. However it definitely doesn't come naturally and, at first, it *might* drive you completely insane😅. This is my breastfeeding journey... Okay, so, when I was pregnant I would come across all these breastfeeding support articles online, [...]